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We are raising this money so we can produce a pilot script from award winning screenwriter Crafty St. James and hire a lot of the talented people that we know. Including our friend, actor and director Jim Hanks , our friend, producer and director Vern Davidson , friend, artist and  Emmy winning special effects artist, Jeff Farley  and many others!  Yes, they all have to be HIRED! We have to hire them! A network show hires between 60 and 80 people per episode, per week. We will be hiring 31 people over the total of 10 days for 1 episode! 

We are raising 73,360! 

Every little bit adds up and will make a difference. 

You can DONATE and help us in many ways. 

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3. By clicking our GOFUNDME where you read more NEW info.  https://www.gofundme.com/f/craftys-xtracted-series

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