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Decades after a catastrophic event has sent this world into a deep, dark diseased filled tailspin, Sherry Millan, "the" top scientist for the unified global government restarts an age-old experiment in order to find a blood infused biological cure for all. After seducing a few top men to capture a guy that may hold the key, Sherry is removed from her lab for rejuvenating this forbidden science. When the experiment proves worthless because people are healing themselves, Sherry becomes maniacal, flips the blood recipe and decides that the rest of the world population is better off dead.

The blcklst.com script reviews

1. "This script is very dedicated to building a specific world for itself to exist in and to explore, and it pushes forward in that direction without hesitation or worrying about clarity. The breadth of creation in the script is really impressive. Basically this script feels like its created a whole new world with a wide variety of characters, new ways of speaking, and many gadgets and devices that definitely don't exist in the world today. The visual nature of the story and the desire to really convey what the world looks like is evident in the script. There are a few funny pun moments, and the characters all have interesting names and descriptions, which at least makes them easy to tell apart."

2. "Presenting a script set in a world where the rules we’ve all come to know are completely thrown out takes a great deal of courage, and the script should be commended for taking so many chances. The underlying themes concerning emotional vs. physical evolution, cognitive reasoning, and mental health help to set this script apart from other sci-fi films, and the chase scenes set against this mysterious and imaginative world provide a good amount of entertainment. Cat’s journey from pampered and naive prince who cares very little for what happens outside of the four walls of his home to a man who thinks for himself is profound and raises a number of important theories about the mind’s ability to heal itself. Despite his arrogant nature, it’s hard not to sympathize with a character who wants nothing more than to discover the truth about who he really is."

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