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Vibes of Y.A.G.O.O.Y.

The Vibes of Y.A.G.O.O.Y. are a collection of inspirational and creative epigrams from a fictional world that searches for its identity and self responsibility.  The book itself is an actual supporting character in the multi-award winning screenplay XTRACTED as written by Crafty St. James.

About the author:  Crafty St. James is a multi-award winning filmmaker and screenwriter from Chicago who started out by writing a play at age seven. After graduating to poems, song lyrics, and producing music, he circled back to the stage with improv and comedy at The Second City in Chicago. Subsequent to his moving to Los Angeles, he wrote, directed, produced and acted in two more stage plays and then found himself writing and performing stand up and sketch comedy. Crafty has written, produced and directed six short films and has won fifteen awards

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